Monday, July 7, 2014

Coffee at work. How do we benefit from it?

     BPO life has become nearly synonymous with coffee, and so other with jobs that requires your to work and stay up at night like those in medial society. Coffee has become the additive that perks up the human engcine called "brain". Working from evening to morning, goes against the human body's rhythm and normal work processes. Adrenaline secretion slows down as the day wears on and as sleepiness creeps through.

     It is largely adrenaline that sharpens the senses and makes the body active. This is where coffee comes in for BPO agents, this is to maintain their "fully awake, fully alert" status while in their workplace. Coffee is all caffeine which is a stimulant, and according to studies, an "unknown chemical agent" which includes the production of two stimulating hormones : adrenaline and cortisone.

     Due to its content of caffeine, your mental alertness and attention on things increases. You become alert and effective at work. Attention to details is very important while working, specially on graveyard shift, because you become exhausted, you tend to leave out very important details which can may affect your work.

     In addition, coffee can boost your energy, since you become alert, you may also have the tendency to recharge your body and mind. Your whole body is ready for additional task that you need to finish. With just a cup of coffee in hand, you are good to go even if you have to wake up all through out the night.

     Moreover, coffee is a god partner as you pause for a while and have a break. The aroma itself is evry relaxing and it calms your tensed nerves with pressure on workload. It also give your time to think while taking sips from your own cup.

    Coffee can be very beneficial beverage, as a proven in some studies coffee is good for the health too specially when taken in moderate amounts. At work, it can be your best relieve from any stress. You don't have to hurt yourself by pinching your skin just to wake up and stay alert. All you need is a cup of coffee and you will be more than ready in doing what you need to do.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

HMO Benefits. Their importance to the employee.

     Many of us not aware of the repercussions of working in a call center company. Being a call center agent is not a simple job. Some people took it lightly as the easiest job nowadays because bachelor"s degree is not a requirement. Nevertheless, if you look deeply into the real entity of a call center agent, you would realize how arduous and challenging their work can be. The health risk that one gets from this nocturnal job and the danger of travelling to the office at night or at wee hours at the dawn.

    The necessary benefits, especially the health benefits, should be provided bye every company to avoid future mass resignation and tardiness, and most importantly, to maintain complete daily head counts. The number of agents in a team per day would greatly affect the workforce  specially for the commission based projects.

     Working at night shuts down the body system of an agent during day time and keeps them alive during sundown. This extraordinary work hours can cause various health problems such as an eye strain, voice strain, hearing problems and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The drastic change of one's natural biological clock can also contribute to some health problems such as an insomnia and anemia. To compensate for this common health problems, the

 management SHOULD/MUST provide health care coverage through HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION (HMO) once these agents become regular employees or when tenured for at leats 3 months. It also bets to have nurses on duty for 24 hours since these companies operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and a doctor for regular consultation at lest once a week. By these, both parties benefit from this, the employees will work more efficiently and the company will maintain the quality of daily operation.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Official! I'm Finally Abosrbed.

Truly PATIENCE is a virtue. After 1 and a half years of waiting, its all worth the wait. I am now officially absorbed as staff nurse at the hospital where I am working now.
Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 11:19am, I got this text message from NSO department. And I am so totally happy and excited and nervous too!

This is It!
     The next day, June 21,2012, the Moment of truth! The day of interview, I came so early, I've been in NSO at 1pm with my batch-mate Aldrin and Mam Giselle, the other one who's been also absorbed. Unfortunately, due to emergency cases our interviewer came late. Instead of getting upset I just make kwento to Aldrin na lang. Naubusan na nga rin ako ng kwento eh. And I also said "Ok lan yan, Nakapaghintay nga tayo ng isa't kalahating taon, ano pa kaya yung ilang oras?!" Oh diba pampalubag loob haha :)

     After 3 hours, our interviewer finally arrived. Yeay! And I am started to get nervous. :S. The interview went so fast. It's just like orienting what would be our duties and responsibilities as nurse. We were asked what we felt about and how were our experienced as Volunteer Nurse and that's it! And in that interview, I was told that I would never be assigned anymore at NICU instead I will be at ER. I was shocked. I don't how to feel, mixed emotions. Of course I'm kind of expecting that I will be at NICU since I spent my 5 months of VN there. I am kind of sad that I will not be at NICU yet happy that I am absorbed. Since I will be assigned at ER, I will just embraced it and take it as a challenge. So now we were just told to wait for the call/notification on when we will be going to start.

While waiting for our Interview with Aldrin and Mam Giselle.

     Thank You Lord for everything. Things really happen according to God's plan and time :)
PATIENCE is not the ability to WAIT, but the ability to keep the GOOD ATTITUDE while WAITING.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Kikaymons' Statuses

     This idea was come out of my mind last Saturday, June 16, 2012, our recent bonding moment. Every time we are having a get-together and bonding time, as girls, BOYS were our first topic or each other's LOVELIFE. Hahaha.. And I must admit, I AM the one who always has a first story when it comes to BOYS, and I am always the first who started mentioning names, as if they know the persons.

     And that day, Cams' boyfie and Pam's (ahmm.. i dunno eh.. ) haha but all I can say is "he" is the reason behind Pam's genuine happiness! Oha! And since Mate already had her IPAD, she was able to introduce her new boyfie, but he was in Bohol, through her fb. We're happy that finally she has boyfie but knowing her??? WE ARE IN DOUBT!! haha siniraan dw ba??!! But we still wish happiness for her. Naks sabay bawi oh.   And then I got the idea of making Kikaymons Status because we are all in different statuses.
     And this is it!! hehehe

Monday, June 18, 2012

Its Fathers Day folks!

     If there's another person we should thank for, aside from our Mom's, it should be the person we call Tatay, Papa, Ama, Dad, Tay, Itay, Daddy, Pop or Papsi, the FIRST MAN in every woman's life. So I made this simple thing as a tribute for my Father; ELIAS R. CORNETA JR.

Sorry. My Papa was camera shy. And we only have few pictures of him.

     This will be my 14th years without you but then I can still feel your presence, especially during my hard and difficult times, and now I begin to remember our old days.I remember those days that you are the one who did the cooking especially during our birthdays, with my brother, my father was always the PUNONG KUSINERO and the one who was so busy in kitchen. His specialty were famous "Lutong Bahay na Ulam" . And take note, the best ang papa ko sa pagluluto, :) si Mama "biko" lang ang specialty!! hahaha and even in laundry Mama was not as good as my Papa especially in white clothings, ang PUUUTTTIII!!..Peace motherhood! :)).
     I may not lucky of those whose still have their dad until today, but i don't envy them. I am still feel lucky enough for at least spending 8 years of my life with him :). At least i still had the chance to had those precious moments with him .  I know that wherever he is right now, I know he's just around guiding us I know that he is REALLY PROUD of me for WHAT and WHO I am now. I am blessed to have a father like him.
     You are the guiding star of my life who held my finger and showed me the path of knowledge and life. At times when my life was like a candle in the wind you put your hands around so that all all the burns were your and all the light was mine.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Chiu at 22!

MARCH 29,2012 - Oh! God! I'm already 22!! And today I celebrated my 22 years of existence.. Hahaha.. Venus Raj ba itey?! Hahaha no.. Kidding aside. Actually I had no plans for my special day. My plan for that was just to go to Baclaran Church alone to give thanks for all the blessing I received for the past years and to pray for more blessings, guidance and wisdom. For a change na rin. I always used to celebrate my birthday kasi with outing,  since my birthday was the start of Summer Days, or a simple dinner or lunch at home.

Happy Chiu @ 22!!

           Pero sadyang pinagpala talaga siguro ako to have a gropup of friends who really love, care and appreciate me :)) Naks! Thanks for Onai who did a great job by accomplishing her Mission this time.Grabeh, di ku talaga akalain na magsisipuntahan sila, I know that some of they have work and will coming from far place. I know how many times did they tried to surprise me on my special day but I always buking buking them. Hahaha And since I also love surprising other people especially my friends, I know how to catch them. But I am, so thiends who made my birthday special :)One of the best birthday I've ever had.. For the first time, I celebrated it with both my Highs School and College Friends.. HAPPYYYY!! So thankful for that.. :)

My AWESOME gorlfriends!! :)
High School BFFs!

College Barkada!! 
      In my 22 years of existence I don't know how to thank the Lord for all the blessings he'd given to me.. For a wonderful journey I called "Life". I am so blessed and thankful to experienced having family, relatives, friends, and many special someone, who gave so much love and care to me, and even strangers and enemies who added spice, twists and meaning to my 22 years of journey.. I am thankful for all the challenges, difficulties and hardships that gladly I conquered, as it made me became a better person. For all the mistakes that I've done and learning I gained from it, as it leads me to have a strong faith, trust and love to God. For all the persons I met, and became my inspirations and motivation that also touched my life.. I am also thankful and blessed that even I'm not a perfect/good enough person, I know that somehow in myself that I became also an inspiration, motivation and touched other lives to as other touched mine.. All I want now is to continue to be happy and have a meaningful journey!! With these.. Thank You Lord for blessing me with these kind of FRIENDS..Its AWESOME!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome To NICU !!

    When I was still a student, I remembered that NICU was the first special area I rotated in. Since then, I've wanted to be a NICU nurse someday! First reason is that the job was seems too easy. You just have to feed the babies get their vitals sign Q4 then that's it. Another reason was babies were so mabango tlga! I can't help myself form giggling to them.Hahaha babaw noh?! That time was during my junior year in College. My desire of becoming NICU nurse had changed to become a Renal Nurse. :)). But whatever God would give me, I'll just accept it because it might be what I deserve and best for me :)

My first rotation during my college days :))

     So when I started my VN at LPDH, I was so glad and a bit of shock, when I received my assigned area, the NICU!! Hahaha.. Akala ko kasi imposible naman na ma-assingned ako sa NICU eh. I thought the WARD area would be my assigned area. hahaha super ready pa naman na ako.. hahaha..So embrace the fact; WELCOME TO NICU CHIU!!

    A NICU nurse is someone who takes care of newborn babied from the time they were born until they are 28 years old, reach certain weight or original due date ideally. -- but in reality, as i experienced it in my workplace there are times that babies were overstayed in NICU due to some certain reason i.e. financial status, which is a common problem. Some NICU nurses get very attached to their little patients and this makes it a very rewarding career.  -- I had one :)).

Eyes are covered for Confidentiality!

 There are basically three areas of concentration for a NICU nurse;

  • LEVEL 1 - dedicated to the care of healthy newborn babies.
              I am on this level at this moment of time. Since I am just starting or should I say "novice", my nursing care is focusing on the stability of babies. My usual job is to to feed the babies and monitor the babies' vital signs.
  • LEVEL 2 - is solely for preemies or newborn that get sick.
              I also experienced this level. At this level where I've done administering medications through IV line or through heplock. The usual medications given to newborns were antibiotics such as Ampicillin, Gentamicin and Amikacin
  • LEVEL 3 - is for newborn babies who need critical care and attention.
            This is the level I am looking forward to experience. Hahahaha..

The NICU Area!! :))

     Your main priorities as a NICU nurse are the baby and the baby's mother for the WELL cases. You will instruct the mother about breastfeeding and its significance for the health of their baby. You will also teach them how to feed the baby including the proper positioning, frequency and the burping the baby. You will also include the do's and don'ts of using baby products such as lotion, powder and cologne. Proper exposure of the baby to sunlight is also a NICU nurses' concerned. While you care for preemies, you will also be caring for the families. You may teach the mom and dad how to handle their new little one, such kangaroo care (mom holds the baby to her naked skin for bonding), and you may give emotional support to the family as well.

     Other job duties of a NICU nurse include monitoring newborn's heart, respiration, and temperature and oxygen levels. You will be in charge of monitoring all of the machines that balances the baby's body processes such as ventilator, oxygen, fluids and warming table. You will also feed and give the baby medications through tubes that go through the nose into the stomach, and sometimes through the Umbilical Cather (UMBICATH). You will also work very closely with the physicians and other members of NICU support team.