Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bonding with the Kikays!

      Second day of orientation.. Oh my, I can't fight my sleepiness when we were discussing about the set-up of every station that we may supposed to be assigned.. Good thing I didn't caught up.. Hahaha.. But I was so glad that sir wyeth, head nurse of ICU, saved the day! Yipee!! I had a lot of laughs hahaha.. Thanks to his humor!! By that, it made me wanted to be assigned in ICU,, but whatever god's will.. I'll accept.. :)... 

Food Trip!!
 After the long, boring and sleepy orientation, I was immediately head ott to MOA to meet with the kiksies!! It's our first date for 2012.. Buti nakumpleto kame.. Yehey,! I missed our laughing out loud together! Chikahan to the max! The talk show !! Hahaha ..
Restroom Pictorial!!! hahahah :p
 Wala talaga tatalo sa sakit ng tyan dulot ng tawanan kasama ang mga mahal mong kaibigan..! Hahaha until next time!! :))

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Orientation Day!

    Its a rainy and cold morning..! I am too lazy to get away form mt beds!!! huhuhu.. but I have to, I have to pull myself up because it is my first orientation day..!! And since its raining.. I would probably heavy traffic outside!! I was hoping that I would not be late on my first day orientation day.. and thank God.. I was just on time.. ! hehe.. Since I had no idea what would be going to be.. I was so anxious.. Actually before I went slep last night, I can't stop my self form thiniking.. And another reason why I can't sleep was that I was so bothered with my uniform.. Errgghh!! When I fitted my new white uniform, I was like a SUMAN!! Oh my!! Now I know .. And it was a BIG slap on my face that I gained.. Really really gained a much much weight!! Huhuhu.. What would I do??!! I just can do nothing but had pitty on myself!! But never mind.! I will just serve it as a motivation na lang. I think I will just more watchful of my food intyale na lang.. I shall trim my carbs and sugar!! Damn!! Heeheh ..
Anyway high way.. Go back to orientation.. Hahaha wala lang.. Sumaket lang pwet ku sa kakaupo at sa pilit kong pagkukubli ng aking belly belly!! Hahahaha.. In the middle of discussion, we were asked of where station we preferred to be assigned..hmmm actually and to be honestly speaking I would be glad to be assigned anywhere except to station 1.. Its just to prevent conflict, you know..personal issues.. Anyway..wanna forget it na lang.. To be more oriented in every area, all head nurse of each area were invited to spoke and shared how they are to their area.. But only 2 head nurses had Spoken... The E.R. And O.R..hearing what they shared.. I'm still undecided of what area would I want to be assigned.. Hmm let's see the others.. Tomorrow!! Haahaha ..

Hope I will not be late tom.. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First GALA Mode of 2012!

      Finally!! The long wait was over! I finally got my PASSPORT!! Yahoo! Hahaha.. And to sulit the day, I spent it also to got bonded with one of my beloved g-friends, RACHEL, a friend of mine since when we were in high school. We had planned to go to Ayala Triangle to watch supposedly the talked about Ayala Triangle Light Show. As we went along to tha DFA, we saw the giant Ferris wheel there, we simultaneously screamed "Tara Sakay Tayoo!!". And then we decided to take a ride after we'd been to the DFA. We got so excited when we finally got there. It was the second operating fo FW. They called it MOA-Eye, hehehe like London Eye?!! Hehehe.. As we went nearby the giant wheel, my heart was started to beat like a drum! Boom boom boom!! Hahaha. Bigla nawala tapang ko nung mismong pasakay na kame. Rachel started to laughed at me. Damn, my sweat started to came out hugely outside my body. My hands got started to become cold and shaky. As we started to went up high, I cannot even move even a little bit. Hahaha soo scareedd!! Pero ok n aku nung nalagpasan na namen ang kalahati ng wheel meju bumalik na yung tapang ko!! Hehehehe..And we finished the whole ride, we said "Yun na yun?! Hay bitin!" Hahaha.

      So after the ride,we we decided to went to where we supposedly go. AYALA TRIANGLE LIGHT SHOW!.. How we looked so excited! And when we finally got there, we just end with nothing!!! "Where is the light show? Where???!! Don't tell me wala na??!! Huhuhuhu"?!Sa haba ng nilakad at inikot namen, we will just saw nothing!! ;((. But anyway highway hahaha . We don't wanted to waste the night total andun na kame eh.. So we just enjoyed the night na lang.. Konting piktyur piktyur..Syempre para makabawi sa pagod LAFANGAN TIME nah!! Hahaha !! Hmmm fried chicken, lasagna and a solo hawaiian pizza for dinner!!
Anyways despite of what happened, I still enjoyed the night especially that I'm with my beloved g-friend!! :)

More gala to come for 2012 :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


 Last Christmas I was very happy because I got my number wish list and that is the Belle De Jour Power Planner!! A wish came true!! Hahaha I really wanted it so badly hahaha!! Kaya naman laking tuwa ko talaga at nakuha ko sya!! Si Sir Jun pa ang nakabunot saken.. And now I really am enjoying my planner!! Super loovvee iitt!! To start off, I was so very glad that there was a special page called "Letter to Self”, it says that try writing to you at the start of the year about your hopes and dreams for the year. Be honest and be true to yourself, but stay positive. Year-round it can be a motivation when things get tough... And that's why I made a one for me..

Dear Miss Chiu,

     First of all, I want you to give you a BIG SMILE!! :D. Starting this year, I want you to start every single day of your life of your year 2012 with a big smile in your face. Put in your mind that SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight. I want you to smile immediately upon waking up! Embrace the morning with happiness and positivity! I want you start everyday by smiling because I want to you to be surrounded by positivity. I want you to continue your being OPTIMIST!.. I always want you to see LIFE as a precious and beautiful gift from God above. I want you to be thankful and grateful even sometimes God gives you hardships, hard test and struggles! You know that Father God just making you stronger and faithful unto him. Entrust all your worries unto him as he will never leave and abandon you. Just keep the faith unto him.

     For this year, as you start your stepping to stone to be a Regular Staff Nurse as Volunteer Staff Nurse, I want you to do all your best and apply all the knowledge you've gained so that you'll do better on your job. Be passionate in what you do. Put your heart on it. Take good care of every single patient you will handle. Always handle with care. Try to put in your mind and heart, "make you profession your passion". Volunteer Nurse is just a beginning, and someday I know you will get what you really want and what you desire of. Stay being motivated by your dreams and desire to have your own house which you can call your home, and a business that you were passionate of. Keep your goals like travelling to the places you've ever dreamed of.

     Aside from the career goal, this year, I want you to try to improve your relationship with your Mom, be close to her. Be nice. No matter what you do, she remains still your mother.
And as you enter new environment, you will probably meet different person, bagong pakikisama. Don't be hesitant to get to know them. As well, don't be hesitant to let them know you. Make new friends, remember always cherish the old ones. Stay communicating them. Keep the friendship alive.

     And above all, stay LOVING GOD! You shall love the Lord God with all you heart, with all you soul and with all your strength. Serve the Lord with gladness. For the Lord is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Lovingly Yours,
Marichu A. Corneta, RN

      I really am hoping that this letter for myself would really motivate me. I hope that it would always remind me that despite of circumstances might come and happen, I shall know that God is always at me. As this year, as I always says, I will not expect anything, I'll just pray for everything! :))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

DOS MIL ONSE - ( My 2011 Year Ender Blog )

     Year 2011 is another blessing for me from God above, as always every year as.! Actually if I'm going to dedicate this year-ender blog, I would dedicate it with all my heart to my LABORATORY FAMILY in LAS PIƱAS DOCTORS HOSPITAL INC. and here it goes...
Firs Picture with them :))

     All things happened accidentally! I was supposed to start as a Volunteer Nurse there, since I already submitted my application form at LPDH as a Registered Nurse, and also I already passed the examination and interview given to me by the Nursing Service Office before 2010 year ends, conflict in referral rules came to happened. I don't want to mention it any more. So when they told me that I cannot joined the October batch I was kind of disappointed, of course, I was expecting to start as soon as possible, but I just told to myself "Sige ok lang, next batch na lang. At least makakapagpahinga pa aku ng mahaba! Hahahaha" sounded kinda denial!! hahaha !! So I'm just waiting for a call until I can start my VN. But few days after, I got a message from the HR department if I could work as Laboratory staff and my Mom also told me so, I screamed and said "Ma!! hnindi aku Medtech! Anu naman ang gagawin ko dun?!" I think it was my ego pushed me to said that.. hahaha..So I gave myself time to think. And it came to decision that GO!! At least hindi malayo sa profession na tinapos ko..And the environment is not different with the environment I used to. So early of 2011 I started my job there.. I was kinda shy and quiet. I was afraid to make a mistake. My job was LABORATORY ENCODER; I am the one who's responsible in encoding the final print out of both In and Out patent's laboratory result. So my job was not that easy. It was risky. Mistakes have no room. I fully understood that alteration in encoding even a single point can have a big cause to doctor's interpretation of patent's lab result and also has a domino effect.

     First time ko to maexperince "Team Building" pero paranf field trip!!! wahahah saayyyaaa!!! :))

Team Building at Tagaytay Highlands

    My first day was not that good. It was toxic. And it came to my mind that I don't want to go back there anymore. But that day, before I went home, Sir Daboi; who is very close to mine, said to me "Uy balik ka bukas ha.. sensya na toxic kasi eh.. Yaan mo 'pag 'di na toxic bonding tayo". And then I said  " Oo nman Sir" hahaha laughing to myself! Hindi pala ako makakatakas hahaha!!
    As the days goes by, I learnde to appreciate my work, even so hard, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed and appreciated it even I had my first INCIDENT REPORT and SUSPENSION there. I just accepted it and take it as learning because I know someday I will be using it in the future. It taught me to become more careful in everything I do. I enjoyed the environment and nature of my job. I enjoyed the people there. I discovered how wonderful they were.. And in the end, they became family to me..
Christmas Party!!!
     First time ko rin to...Hahahaha umattend ng bridal shower!!! hahaha nakakilaboottt!!! wahahahah

Maam Kimmy's Bridal Shower :p

  I am so glad that I have you all in my life at year 2011.  I'll always cherished every moment I spend with my Laboratory Family..the love and the friendship they've showed to me.. I love them all and they always had a big part here in my  HEART!! :))