Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Starting Moments as a Nurse!

   After 1 year of being Registered Nurse, now, finally!! The time has come for me to start practicing my nursing career!! Of course intercourse hahaha I had mixed emotions. Excited, Nervous, Happy and a little bit of Sadness. Sadness part goes to my laboratory family that became really so close to my heart. They we're not just co-workers for me, but a happy and big family. :)) but what ever happened, everything will stay the same even now that I am now entering the first step of accomplishing my nursing career which is being Volunteer Nurse. And I am really thankful for their being supportive. I hope and I am looking forward to find and make new friends in the area where I will be assigned. In my workplace, there are 4 stages that I have to go through before becoming a regular staff nurse;1. Volunteer Nurse, 2. Trainee Nurse, 3. Probationary Status, and finally 4. Regular Staff Nurse. And now I am in the first stage.. Good luck to me!!..And now I am proud to share my starting moments :)

My Rotational Orientation Week!!
 Monday: ER Department
    Sabi nga nila sa ER mo matatagpuan ang AKSYON!! If that's what are you looking for..but in my case?? I think I don't belong here hahahaha kidding aside..of course kaya ko rin dun noh.. I think pressure of having adequate knowledge for “e” drugs is very essential for being an ER Nurse.. and I admit it, I am lacking of that knowledge.. hahaha I hate PHARMA kaya!!! Hahahaha...

 Tuesday: Station 2 
     This is the station where the census doesn't exceed in 10 patients. Less right?? But the cases were mostly ICU setup. Most of the patients admitted there were coming from the ICU, so meaning cases are most likely to be an ICU set up. The good thing about it was the maximum number of patients hat you can handle there would probably not exceeds in 5. J

Wednesday: Station 4
   Station 4 is a private ward in the hospital. This is the place where you will find the one of “extreme type patients”, the extreme RICH. And if you are nurse you would know of how difficult it is to deal with these kinds of patients. But despite of that, I would still love to be assigned in ward. J

Thursday: Station 3B
      The most TOXIC ward!! Toxic because they are the one who admitted most number of patients. There are a lot of different cases here, so in the positive side probably you will learn a lot by dealing different kinds of patients with different kinds of cases, if you would be assigned here. And believe me, you will probably apply all the learnings that you had gained during your study time. Take note, mahina na ang 7 patients na hawak mo ditto. Maximum of 1:10 ang ratio!!oh diba?! Ewan ko na lang kung di ka pa mging NARS na NARS dito. Ngarag ang bauty mo dito!, but it’s still up to you on how would you handle the cases. First thing that you will learn is PRIORITIZATION. Oh diba, intro pa lang yan.. Hhahaha .. So for me it would be an honor and a privilege to be assigned here.  

oha!! with very supportive Maam Marian :))

Friday : ICU
     My last area in my Rotational Orientation. OMG!! I'm late,,!! 1 minute late!! Whaaa kakahiya. Inakala ko pa tlga na ako ang nauna na dumating sa mga kasamahan kun a VN rin.. yun pala ako ang huli,,endorsement na nung ako ay dumating... kakahiya talaga kay crush!!! hahahah ayun un eh...pero in fairness, hindi ko naman masyado naramdaman na nakakahiya ako..o hindi lang pinaramdam saken?? Haha. First thing I said to myself, EXCITING J. I think if I will be assigned here, much learnings I would gain because in ICU, you're just focusing in one patients.. but the nursing responsibility of an ICU nurse is defintile far apart from being a ward nurse. Close monitoring is very essential for being an ICU nurse because the kind of patients that you are going to handle there are those critically one. Neurologic assessment is very important of all nursing assessment that you would perform. Hmmm.. I would also love to be assigned here!! hahaha

     Wherever area I will assign, one thing is for sure, that I will do my best in my job!! I will continue to learn because I know that even I finished my studies, there are still a lot of things that you would only learn by experiencing it. Set-ups may be different and updated, so I should be open and be flexible for the changes that I might encounter as I go along the process. And now I am pretty much excited at the sae nervous as I would know my final assigned area.I really have to do well to accomplish those 4 stages wherever area I will be assigned. :))

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