Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beginning!!

      Yeay!!! Finally..after long time of planning, thinking and waiting.. nakagawa din ng BLOG!!! wahhaha.. kamusta nmn ang almost 2 years in the making!!! hahahha..Dapat nga start nitong year 2011 kaso bigla n aku ngkawork at soobbrraang naging busy na aku,, :)) By the way, a brief history of why I made this acoount: I was so really  inspired ksi talga ni Bianca Gonzalez eh..She's one of the reason why I made my twitter account a long time ago,, and she's  also one of the first person I started following in twitter.. hehehe then i saw her link in her twitter account "" and when I checked I was so amazed of what I saw there and with her life journey.. kinda wanna be like her.. ehhehehe oh diba!!?? " Super Girl wanna be..

        Another reason pa kung bakit na-engganyo aku mgblog eh dahil maganda ksi yung parang dinodocument mu yung mga special events sa buhay mu.. specially yung mga memorable whahaah oh davah!!!! hahaha

anyweiz.. sana lng mapninindigan ku toh..

God Bless!!!

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