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My 2010 Year-Ender Blog

Of course intercourse!!! nyahha... I want to be my first blog is my 2010 year-ender blog.. because 2010 has
been a stunning, grateful and a fruitful year for me. And it's nice to reflect on those blessings and achievements that I had this year!! Inly GOD knows how I am so thankful for all my PRAYERS that had been answered and for all the BLESSINGS that had been bestowed upon me..

            And I want REMINISCE some of the HIGHLIGHTS of my YEAR 2010..
My Dedication and Graduation Ceremony :)) (March 23 and 30, 2010)

                 "what is your dream?", "what is your goal?", and "how do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?"-- are the questions that were frequently asked during my primary and secondary school days,.. and the COMMON ANSWER???!! "TO FINISH MY STUDIES".. An that's it!! Finally.. I already did finish my studies!! After almost 20 years of sleepless nights, never-ending school paper works, rushing for assignments and cramming review for the surprise quiz the next day at last I already done with it.!! And so proud that I did it!..

with beloved Dean Narresh :))

lya bols!!! nyahaha

with jups and KUPS

Batch 2010 yahoo!!! @ST Quad



Si mimah!!

Sir Tabacoo!!! nyahah Micro

dme ksing camera eh.. kea hndi alam san titingin eh.. hahaha

naligaw lang aku dito whahah

with St. Vincent de Paul sa likod wahhaa

with Darren, Kups, Cyndee and Lenneth

Block 401

Reunion with High School Friends  :)) (March 31, 2010)

            “New friends may be poems but old friends are alphabets” –Shakespeare.
So do not forget the alphabets  .. because you will need them to read poems..:))
“Make new friends but cherish the old ones”..
--In terms of making and keeping friends.. these are some of my philosophies in life..FRIENDS are the persons whose definitely has a big impact of what you are and building your character.
Its still nice to spend even a little bit time with them.. even once for a while.. LOooovvee my OLD FRIENDS!!

borbz, jem, chel, criza and meh..:)

with bryan--criza's bf <3

CRN Review (April 2010)

Anu pa nga pgtpos ng graduation at dedication???APRIL - eh di REVIEW FOR NURSING LICENSURE EXAMINATION 2010.. kala tapos n eh.. wahha... sa review?? wala lang puro kalokohanpa rin.. hndi p rin seryoso eh noh hahha...

pamentot and exeh


kikay onai and cams :))


Mam Varona!!

te elloo

jups jups jups

SIR VOOONN!!! wahaha

Mam Donats!!!

te kat!!

Dean Obias


Nursing Licensure Examination (July 3 and 4, 2010)

            THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! The two days that will change my life.. the days that I would determined my destiny of becoming a RESGISTERED NURSE….I just entrusted all to Lord God.. :))

It’s SHOWTIME!! (August 20, 2010)

            It was a fun and unforgettable experience. And I’m looking forward for the SHOWTIME the second time around. A big THANKS to Onai’s uncle for giving us the opportunity to experienced that wonderful thing ,,heheheh..Even though we had to woke up early that day for our call time and for the dance rehearsal, its OK coz its all worth it. We really really love that experinece.. from the momen we stepped our feet at the Studio 2 until we went home bringing big smiles in our faces because of that great experience..:)

jemma, onai and pam

sample king

OILINESS!!! wahahah

papa jhong!!



lilly lilly like it!!! hahaha

sa ilalim ng mga HURADOS... :)

Nikki Gil..- Only mate was able to had a picture with her..-- ang liit ksi kaya kht san ksya.. hahaha :p

score cards!!

The Result of NLE.. !!! (August 27, 2010)

            A  big THANKS to God.. that all that I could say..!! Finally, all my hardships and sacrifices has been pay – off..! I already had my Professional License..To God be the Glory..!!!

PRC License!!
Trip to Nueva Vizcaya (September 11, 2010)

            It was a literally “FOOD TRIP”.  It was Cams’ thanksgiving and birthday celebration..! I really love that trip since I am such a traveler and a nature lover…the moment cams asked us to come with her, I really didn’t think twice. There’s a lot of BUKO PIE there!!.. and so delicious!! Hmm..looking forward to go back there someday!!..

one , two, three pass!! bagal kc ni pam eh.. XD

CAMS-- ikaw n may TARP.. nyahah

Movei Date with KrizMaEl..(my g-friends)

  Bonding time with them even every end of the sem is enough to keep our friendship stronger.. Communication is the key for any kind of relationship to be strong and not to fade.. love them so much.. heheh till next DATE,,:p



nakaabang ci rachel oh waaaa!!


second movie of the day-- MY BLOODY VALENTINE!!

Panahon Ko ‘to!! (November)

            A first time experience of being a studio contestant and it such a funny and memorable experience..although we lost in the first round of the game.. good thing was.. there still consolation price.. wahehehe

Kuya Mel


waiting for them to came out!!

Bago magstart!!


DRESSING ROOMM--oh ang sosyal diba.. whaha

naiinip na.. :S


cuzin MIGS!!

My Christmas and New Year Vacation at Bacolod (December)

            Finally.. after 5 years.. I was able to go back there.. and I’ll always love to go there.. It was fun Christmas coz we played “pinoy henyo” there and we’re all wanted to win the prize (P100) whahahah,, unfortunately we wasn’t able to qualify to the final round.. hahaha.. to give way to my younger cousin who’s really inneed..hahah just kidding.. :p.. and New Year’seve was the best..Dancing all night long.. at the middle of the road.. and what made it special..?? was when my crush(“J”) greeted me unexpectedly…(blushing)..hahaha.. and the day after January 1, we went to “Batang” for bunlaw festival--- bathing at the beach.. so cooldd.. and unexpectedly my other crush(“E”)who’s working already here in Manila went home and he was there standing in my front not knowing that it was him..because I didn’t sse him for the past 5 years and he was totally different from the last time I saw him.. he already has long hair..hahhhaa (:p)..
            My whjole experience there was so treasurable..I hope the next time I’ll go back there..I hope to to tha “Mag-Aso Falls”.. so I will not envy anymore to my cousin who’s already been there.. :J)

with JB at the Airport going to bacolod!!

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