Friday, August 12, 2011

M first JOB!!! :))

  Everybody would probably be so EXCITED with their first JOB..!!! PRECISELY.. because it is the time that they already started to earn money for themselves..they started going to buy things that they want-- using the money from their own sweat and blood..!! Luckily,, at the start of this year 2011 I got MINE!! :))

    I  worked here as LABORATORY ENCODER-- responsible for encoding the patient's result which is done by the medtech.. but sometime .. actually most of the time.. I also extracting blood from patients for blood works..! During my first days.. I felt so lonely because I'm working with those people which were totally strangers to you.. but as I went along, I enjoyed it,.I enjoyed working with the medtechs, the phlebotomists, and the clerks..and I could say that I had a new family there.. 

    Unfortunately I'm not working as a STAFF NURSE for the mean time..but I still feeling lucky because I had given the chance to earn money and enjoy it before I'll start my Volunteering as a nurse which only having an allowance..but hopefully next year I'll start my JOURNEY as a Nurse probably next YEAR... :)

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