Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome To NICU !!

    When I was still a student, I remembered that NICU was the first special area I rotated in. Since then, I've wanted to be a NICU nurse someday! First reason is that the job was seems too easy. You just have to feed the babies get their vitals sign Q4 then that's it. Another reason was babies were so mabango tlga! I can't help myself form giggling to them.Hahaha babaw noh?! That time was during my junior year in College. My desire of becoming NICU nurse had changed to become a Renal Nurse. :)). But whatever God would give me, I'll just accept it because it might be what I deserve and best for me :)

My first rotation during my college days :))

     So when I started my VN at LPDH, I was so glad and a bit of shock, when I received my assigned area, the NICU!! Hahaha.. Akala ko kasi imposible naman na ma-assingned ako sa NICU eh. I thought the WARD area would be my assigned area. hahaha super ready pa naman na ako.. hahaha..So embrace the fact; WELCOME TO NICU CHIU!!

    A NICU nurse is someone who takes care of newborn babied from the time they were born until they are 28 years old, reach certain weight or original due date ideally. -- but in reality, as i experienced it in my workplace there are times that babies were overstayed in NICU due to some certain reason i.e. financial status, which is a common problem. Some NICU nurses get very attached to their little patients and this makes it a very rewarding career.  -- I had one :)).

Eyes are covered for Confidentiality!

 There are basically three areas of concentration for a NICU nurse;

  • LEVEL 1 - dedicated to the care of healthy newborn babies.
              I am on this level at this moment of time. Since I am just starting or should I say "novice", my nursing care is focusing on the stability of babies. My usual job is to to feed the babies and monitor the babies' vital signs.
  • LEVEL 2 - is solely for preemies or newborn that get sick.
              I also experienced this level. At this level where I've done administering medications through IV line or through heplock. The usual medications given to newborns were antibiotics such as Ampicillin, Gentamicin and Amikacin
  • LEVEL 3 - is for newborn babies who need critical care and attention.
            This is the level I am looking forward to experience. Hahahaha..

The NICU Area!! :))

     Your main priorities as a NICU nurse are the baby and the baby's mother for the WELL cases. You will instruct the mother about breastfeeding and its significance for the health of their baby. You will also teach them how to feed the baby including the proper positioning, frequency and the burping the baby. You will also include the do's and don'ts of using baby products such as lotion, powder and cologne. Proper exposure of the baby to sunlight is also a NICU nurses' concerned. While you care for preemies, you will also be caring for the families. You may teach the mom and dad how to handle their new little one, such kangaroo care (mom holds the baby to her naked skin for bonding), and you may give emotional support to the family as well.

     Other job duties of a NICU nurse include monitoring newborn's heart, respiration, and temperature and oxygen levels. You will be in charge of monitoring all of the machines that balances the baby's body processes such as ventilator, oxygen, fluids and warming table. You will also feed and give the baby medications through tubes that go through the nose into the stomach, and sometimes through the Umbilical Cather (UMBICATH). You will also work very closely with the physicians and other members of NICU support team.

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