Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happiness!!-- thanks for the FRIENDS I have!!!

..This was supposed to be my last blog entry for the month of October, but I was kinda super busy that's why I posted sooo laaatteeee!!! wahehehehe. A few weeks ago before i I was so depressed and so down for the things that happened to me..I don't want to mention it any more.. I don't have somebody to talk to.. so I texted my lovable friends.. Cams, Pam, Onai and Kupz (zarm) if they can meet me .. and I was so glad.. that I got positive feedback haha,,Super touch aku,,kasi hindi talaga pumapalya ang joyness pag kasama ko sila.. lalo na kung halakhakan lang ang pag-uusapan.. hahhaa..Dahil sa kanila , nawala ang bigat sa dibdib ko,, haha It made me realize that no matter how tough the problems that I  might faced,, as long as they were there,, I can face it,, 

haha kame lang ni cams ang may pic,, pero lahay naman sila kasama ko eh.. hehehe

.. I'm so thankful to have a friends like them...:))

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