Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Kikaymons' Statuses

     This idea was come out of my mind last Saturday, June 16, 2012, our recent bonding moment. Every time we are having a get-together and bonding time, as girls, BOYS were our first topic or each other's LOVELIFE. Hahaha.. And I must admit, I AM the one who always has a first story when it comes to BOYS, and I am always the first who started mentioning names, as if they know the persons.

     And that day, Cams' boyfie and Pam's (ahmm.. i dunno eh.. ) haha but all I can say is "he" is the reason behind Pam's genuine happiness! Oha! And since Mate already had her IPAD, she was able to introduce her new boyfie, but he was in Bohol, through her fb. We're happy that finally she has boyfie but knowing her??? WE ARE IN DOUBT!! haha siniraan dw ba??!! But we still wish happiness for her. Naks sabay bawi oh.   And then I got the idea of making Kikaymons Status because we are all in different statuses.
     And this is it!! hehehe

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