Sunday, July 6, 2014

HMO Benefits. Their importance to the employee.

     Many of us not aware of the repercussions of working in a call center company. Being a call center agent is not a simple job. Some people took it lightly as the easiest job nowadays because bachelor"s degree is not a requirement. Nevertheless, if you look deeply into the real entity of a call center agent, you would realize how arduous and challenging their work can be. The health risk that one gets from this nocturnal job and the danger of travelling to the office at night or at wee hours at the dawn.

    The necessary benefits, especially the health benefits, should be provided bye every company to avoid future mass resignation and tardiness, and most importantly, to maintain complete daily head counts. The number of agents in a team per day would greatly affect the workforce  specially for the commission based projects.

     Working at night shuts down the body system of an agent during day time and keeps them alive during sundown. This extraordinary work hours can cause various health problems such as an eye strain, voice strain, hearing problems and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The drastic change of one's natural biological clock can also contribute to some health problems such as an insomnia and anemia. To compensate for this common health problems, the

 management SHOULD/MUST provide health care coverage through HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION (HMO) once these agents become regular employees or when tenured for at leats 3 months. It also bets to have nurses on duty for 24 hours since these companies operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and a doctor for regular consultation at lest once a week. By these, both parties benefit from this, the employees will work more efficiently and the company will maintain the quality of daily operation.

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