Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bonding with the Kikays!

      Second day of orientation.. Oh my, I can't fight my sleepiness when we were discussing about the set-up of every station that we may supposed to be assigned.. Good thing I didn't caught up.. Hahaha.. But I was so glad that sir wyeth, head nurse of ICU, saved the day! Yipee!! I had a lot of laughs hahaha.. Thanks to his humor!! By that, it made me wanted to be assigned in ICU,, but whatever god's will.. I'll accept.. :)... 

Food Trip!!
 After the long, boring and sleepy orientation, I was immediately head ott to MOA to meet with the kiksies!! It's our first date for 2012.. Buti nakumpleto kame.. Yehey,! I missed our laughing out loud together! Chikahan to the max! The talk show !! Hahaha ..
Restroom Pictorial!!! hahahah :p
 Wala talaga tatalo sa sakit ng tyan dulot ng tawanan kasama ang mga mahal mong kaibigan..! Hahaha until next time!! :))

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