Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Orientation Day!

    Its a rainy and cold morning..! I am too lazy to get away form mt beds!!! huhuhu.. but I have to, I have to pull myself up because it is my first orientation day..!! And since its raining.. I would probably heavy traffic outside!! I was hoping that I would not be late on my first day orientation day.. and thank God.. I was just on time.. ! hehe.. Since I had no idea what would be going to be.. I was so anxious.. Actually before I went slep last night, I can't stop my self form thiniking.. And another reason why I can't sleep was that I was so bothered with my uniform.. Errgghh!! When I fitted my new white uniform, I was like a SUMAN!! Oh my!! Now I know .. And it was a BIG slap on my face that I gained.. Really really gained a much much weight!! Huhuhu.. What would I do??!! I just can do nothing but had pitty on myself!! But never mind.! I will just serve it as a motivation na lang. I think I will just more watchful of my food intyale na lang.. I shall trim my carbs and sugar!! Damn!! Heeheh ..
Anyway high way.. Go back to orientation.. Hahaha wala lang.. Sumaket lang pwet ku sa kakaupo at sa pilit kong pagkukubli ng aking belly belly!! Hahahaha.. In the middle of discussion, we were asked of where station we preferred to be assigned..hmmm actually and to be honestly speaking I would be glad to be assigned anywhere except to station 1.. Its just to prevent conflict, you know..personal issues.. Anyway..wanna forget it na lang.. To be more oriented in every area, all head nurse of each area were invited to spoke and shared how they are to their area.. But only 2 head nurses had Spoken... The E.R. And O.R..hearing what they shared.. I'm still undecided of what area would I want to be assigned.. Hmm let's see the others.. Tomorrow!! Haahaha ..

Hope I will not be late tom.. :)

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