Monday, January 2, 2012


 Last Christmas I was very happy because I got my number wish list and that is the Belle De Jour Power Planner!! A wish came true!! Hahaha I really wanted it so badly hahaha!! Kaya naman laking tuwa ko talaga at nakuha ko sya!! Si Sir Jun pa ang nakabunot saken.. And now I really am enjoying my planner!! Super loovvee iitt!! To start off, I was so very glad that there was a special page called "Letter to Self”, it says that try writing to you at the start of the year about your hopes and dreams for the year. Be honest and be true to yourself, but stay positive. Year-round it can be a motivation when things get tough... And that's why I made a one for me..

Dear Miss Chiu,

     First of all, I want you to give you a BIG SMILE!! :D. Starting this year, I want you to start every single day of your life of your year 2012 with a big smile in your face. Put in your mind that SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight. I want you to smile immediately upon waking up! Embrace the morning with happiness and positivity! I want you start everyday by smiling because I want to you to be surrounded by positivity. I want you to continue your being OPTIMIST!.. I always want you to see LIFE as a precious and beautiful gift from God above. I want you to be thankful and grateful even sometimes God gives you hardships, hard test and struggles! You know that Father God just making you stronger and faithful unto him. Entrust all your worries unto him as he will never leave and abandon you. Just keep the faith unto him.

     For this year, as you start your stepping to stone to be a Regular Staff Nurse as Volunteer Staff Nurse, I want you to do all your best and apply all the knowledge you've gained so that you'll do better on your job. Be passionate in what you do. Put your heart on it. Take good care of every single patient you will handle. Always handle with care. Try to put in your mind and heart, "make you profession your passion". Volunteer Nurse is just a beginning, and someday I know you will get what you really want and what you desire of. Stay being motivated by your dreams and desire to have your own house which you can call your home, and a business that you were passionate of. Keep your goals like travelling to the places you've ever dreamed of.

     Aside from the career goal, this year, I want you to try to improve your relationship with your Mom, be close to her. Be nice. No matter what you do, she remains still your mother.
And as you enter new environment, you will probably meet different person, bagong pakikisama. Don't be hesitant to get to know them. As well, don't be hesitant to let them know you. Make new friends, remember always cherish the old ones. Stay communicating them. Keep the friendship alive.

     And above all, stay LOVING GOD! You shall love the Lord God with all you heart, with all you soul and with all your strength. Serve the Lord with gladness. For the Lord is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Lovingly Yours,
Marichu A. Corneta, RN

      I really am hoping that this letter for myself would really motivate me. I hope that it would always remind me that despite of circumstances might come and happen, I shall know that God is always at me. As this year, as I always says, I will not expect anything, I'll just pray for everything! :))

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