Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First GALA Mode of 2012!

      Finally!! The long wait was over! I finally got my PASSPORT!! Yahoo! Hahaha.. And to sulit the day, I spent it also to got bonded with one of my beloved g-friends, RACHEL, a friend of mine since when we were in high school. We had planned to go to Ayala Triangle to watch supposedly the talked about Ayala Triangle Light Show. As we went along to tha DFA, we saw the giant Ferris wheel there, we simultaneously screamed "Tara Sakay Tayoo!!". And then we decided to take a ride after we'd been to the DFA. We got so excited when we finally got there. It was the second operating fo FW. They called it MOA-Eye, hehehe like London Eye?!! Hehehe.. As we went nearby the giant wheel, my heart was started to beat like a drum! Boom boom boom!! Hahaha. Bigla nawala tapang ko nung mismong pasakay na kame. Rachel started to laughed at me. Damn, my sweat started to came out hugely outside my body. My hands got started to become cold and shaky. As we started to went up high, I cannot even move even a little bit. Hahaha soo scareedd!! Pero ok n aku nung nalagpasan na namen ang kalahati ng wheel meju bumalik na yung tapang ko!! Hehehehe..And we finished the whole ride, we said "Yun na yun?! Hay bitin!" Hahaha.

      So after the ride,we we decided to went to where we supposedly go. AYALA TRIANGLE LIGHT SHOW!.. How we looked so excited! And when we finally got there, we just end with nothing!!! "Where is the light show? Where???!! Don't tell me wala na??!! Huhuhuhu"?!Sa haba ng nilakad at inikot namen, we will just saw nothing!! ;((. But anyway highway hahaha . We don't wanted to waste the night total andun na kame eh.. So we just enjoyed the night na lang.. Konting piktyur piktyur..Syempre para makabawi sa pagod LAFANGAN TIME nah!! Hahaha !! Hmmm fried chicken, lasagna and a solo hawaiian pizza for dinner!!
Anyways despite of what happened, I still enjoyed the night especially that I'm with my beloved g-friend!! :)

More gala to come for 2012 :)

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