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DOS MIL ONSE - ( My 2011 Year Ender Blog )

     Year 2011 is another blessing for me from God above, as always every year as.! Actually if I'm going to dedicate this year-ender blog, I would dedicate it with all my heart to my LABORATORY FAMILY in LAS PIñAS DOCTORS HOSPITAL INC. and here it goes...
Firs Picture with them :))

     All things happened accidentally! I was supposed to start as a Volunteer Nurse there, since I already submitted my application form at LPDH as a Registered Nurse, and also I already passed the examination and interview given to me by the Nursing Service Office before 2010 year ends, conflict in referral rules came to happened. I don't want to mention it any more. So when they told me that I cannot joined the October batch I was kind of disappointed, of course, I was expecting to start as soon as possible, but I just told to myself "Sige ok lang, next batch na lang. At least makakapagpahinga pa aku ng mahaba! Hahahaha" sounded kinda denial!! hahaha !! So I'm just waiting for a call until I can start my VN. But few days after, I got a message from the HR department if I could work as Laboratory staff and my Mom also told me so, I screamed and said "Ma!! hnindi aku Medtech! Anu naman ang gagawin ko dun?!" I think it was my ego pushed me to said that.. hahaha..So I gave myself time to think. And it came to decision that GO!! At least hindi malayo sa profession na tinapos ko..And the environment is not different with the environment I used to. So early of 2011 I started my job there.. I was kinda shy and quiet. I was afraid to make a mistake. My job was LABORATORY ENCODER; I am the one who's responsible in encoding the final print out of both In and Out patent's laboratory result. So my job was not that easy. It was risky. Mistakes have no room. I fully understood that alteration in encoding even a single point can have a big cause to doctor's interpretation of patent's lab result and also has a domino effect.

     First time ko to maexperince "Team Building" pero paranf field trip!!! wahahah saayyyaaa!!! :))

Team Building at Tagaytay Highlands

    My first day was not that good. It was toxic. And it came to my mind that I don't want to go back there anymore. But that day, before I went home, Sir Daboi; who is very close to mine, said to me "Uy balik ka bukas ha.. sensya na toxic kasi eh.. Yaan mo 'pag 'di na toxic bonding tayo". And then I said  " Oo nman Sir" hahaha laughing to myself! Hindi pala ako makakatakas hahaha!!
    As the days goes by, I learnde to appreciate my work, even so hard, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed and appreciated it even I had my first INCIDENT REPORT and SUSPENSION there. I just accepted it and take it as learning because I know someday I will be using it in the future. It taught me to become more careful in everything I do. I enjoyed the environment and nature of my job. I enjoyed the people there. I discovered how wonderful they were.. And in the end, they became family to me..
Christmas Party!!!
     First time ko rin to...Hahahaha umattend ng bridal shower!!! hahaha nakakilaboottt!!! wahahahah

Maam Kimmy's Bridal Shower :p

  I am so glad that I have you all in my life at year 2011.  I'll always cherished every moment I spend with my Laboratory Family..the love and the friendship they've showed to me.. I love them all and they always had a big part here in my  HEART!! :))

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